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Vinyasa—Creating A Flow State

Teacher Tune-Up with Rocky Heron

Do you want to be an effective and powerful vinyasa teacher? Do you want to fill the room and be a teacher whose classes are well attended? Can you do both? As vinyasa yoga becomes more common, quality varies greatly. Vinyasa classes more closely resemble fitness classes (remember aerobics?). More than ever before “vinyasa culture” is sitting on a spectrum that seems to grow broader by the hour. Embody your own most effective teacher, and the integrity of your offering will be magnetic and magical.

Join internationally acclaimed yoga teacher, Rocky Heron, for a special 4 day yoga teacher tuneup, near Atlanta Georgia, in the spring of 2019, for a yoga intensive that will take your skills to new levels, as you learn to weave and fuse form and flow–where heartfelt teachings converge with skillful alignment in the rhythmic pulse of breath and body. In this program, we will explore how to safely and most effectively CREATE the FLOW STATE your students crave, while providing you with knowledge, strategies and techniques to set your students up for success. Become more effective and powerful in your voice. Fill the room.

Whether you are a vinyasa teacher looking for new skills and tools, or an alignment-based teacher seeking to broaden your range, this week will up level your yoga immediately.

Register Now: $700

Asana Track: $230

Single Asana Session: $70



Form. Function. Flow:  What every vinyasa teacher needs to know -- organizing principles and essential skills

  • What is vinyasa yoga? Etymology of vinyasa, definitions, historical context and contemporary vinyasa traditions/styles

  • Organizational principles of vinyasa

  • Vinyasa teaching strategies and skills

  • Vinyasa sequencing

  • Overview levels of vinyasa classes: Level 1, Mixed Levels, Level 2-3

  • How to balance pose instruction with rhythm, pace and flow

  • How to teach and not lose momentum and flow

  • How to cue the breath and keep consistent rhythm

  • Physical adjustments

  • Demonstration techniques

  • Environment: classroom organization, heat, light, music

  • Seat of the teacher; how to hold the space of challenge and compassion

  • How to begin class: arriving and settling poses

  • How to introduce and teach seated ujayii pranayama

  • Lesson planning: progressive sequencing for Surya Namaskara A

  • Lesson planning: How to give effective Chaturanga Dandasana (modified) tutorial

  • Lesson planning: Progressive sequencing for Surya Namaskara B

Foundations of Flow: Effective and safe 60-minute level 1 classes continued

  • Level 1 syllabus of poses

  • Sequencing of level 1

  • Difficult poses and transitions and common misalignments

  • How to balance instruction with pace, rhythm and flow

  • How to give effective (brief) postural demonstrations

  • Modifications, options and prop use and other pose improvement strategies

  • How to introduce and teach mula and uddiyana bandha

  • How to create focus and provide recovery time during class

  • Repetition; instructional round and 1 breath per pose round

  • Lesson planning: progressive sequencing for Surya Namaskara C (standing pose linkings)

  • Lesson planning: abdominal strengthening, arm balances and forward bends

  • Lesson planning: basic backbends

  • Closing postures, savasana and ending class

Meaningful Boundaries: 75-minute mixed level vinyasa classes to PEAK POSE

  • Mixed level syllabus of poses; standing poses and backbends

  • How to introduce and teach supine ujayii pranayama

  • How to teach with meaningful options and stages for all levels of students

  • How to teach handstand and forearm balance in mixed level vinyasa

  • Mixed level strategies for Surya Namaskar, A, B & C

  • How to never give up on improving chaturanga dandasana

  • How to progressively prepare for safe and effective backbend peak pose classes

  • How to introduce and teach nadi shodhana pranayama

Raise the Bar: 90-minute intermediate/advanced vinyasa classes PEAK SEQUENCE

  • Intermediate/advanced syllabus of poses

  • How and when (and when not to) to teach intermediate/advanced vinyasa

  • How to increase the challenge and safely manage risk

  • Set your students up for success; no curve balls, no surprises

  • How to sequence intelligently for peak sequences

  • Intermediate/advanced vinyasa transitions and skills

  • How to teach kapala bhati pranayama

  • How to effectively lead practice-style classes


Rocky Heron

Rocky Heron is an internationally acclaimed yoga educator and musician. Known for his uncanny wisdom and in-depth understanding of yoga anatomy and alignment, Rocky’s teaching is informed by years of study in nearly every yoga style and a diverse background of movement modalities. He discovered yoga in the summer of 2004, and began his path of teaching in 2007. Considered in the yoga industry a “teachers teacher,” Rocky works worldwide facilitating trainings and continuing education for dedicated teachers. He is a contributor to the YOGAMAZÉ curriculum and works closely with founder Noah Maze as a faculty member of the school. You can take Rocky’s classes online here on as well as on Yoga International’s online class platform and When not on the road, Rocky lives in Los Angeles with his partner Micah and their daughter Dasha. Rocky enjoys a rich and dynamic creative life with his magnificent tribe of artists and teachers alike. As a musician, years of narrative songwriting and recording helped him develop his distinct style, blending r&b vocals with folk-style acoustic melodies and profound lyrics. Rocky’s workshops and events often feature an offering of live music, weaving together the yogic practices and his unique voice to soothe, mesmerize and inspire listeners. His latest album, “Nuffa Luv” as well as his previous recordings (including his album of Sanskrit mantra, “The Requiem”) can be found online wherever digital music is sold. Students steep themselves in Rocky’s teaching for his intelligence, humor, and innovative approach to movement, as well as his ability to make complex concepts and abilities accessible. Join him and see for yourself.