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A Weekend of Applied Psychology for Yogis

with Livia Cohen-Shapiro

A Weekend of Applied Psychology for Yogis with Livia Cohen-Shapiro

March 22-24, 2019
Fri and Sat 9am-6pm
Sun 9am-4pm

Cost: $330
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A % of events hosted at The Barn benefit human yoga project, a non-profit dedicated to creating free or donation based yoga classes for under-resourced communities and affordable high-level trainings for yoga teachers.

The Details:

In these three potent days together we will explore yoga through the lens of our innate human development. You will cultivate capacity and expand repertoire in you physical, emotional, psychological, relational, and spiritual literacy. This time together will include: practices in complimentary sensory and somatic tools for yoga and meditation, a thorough map of The Emotional Body in Yoga and its applications so what emerges in your practices has room and useful support, tools to create healthy student-teacher relationships and community dynamics, and practices for cultivating a direct access to your own inner wisdom.

All of the topics presented over the weekend are part of Livia's acclaimed envelope-pushing curriculum, Emotional Literacy for Yogis. This course is open to yogis of all backgrounds. Students and Teachers alike. These practices will nourish you deeply as practitioner and teacher both. You'll walk away with tangible skills to deepen your work on and off the mat as well as a replenished sense of self. As the springs buds crack through the earth, let us gather and renew one another.

Each day includes rich yoga and movement practices, lecture of theory and pedagogy, group work and practice, journaling and contemplation.

Single Day Options available for current or past students of Livia or by permission

Below is our tentative schedule. We will stay as close to this map as we can, shifting things as the desires and needs of the collective emerge. Each day you can expect to move alot, have plenty of theoretical learning, and meet places for connection and discussion.

Friday 9-6
S E L F: The body as a sensory Self

An exploration of your somatic, embodied self. Development of the inner sensory life as it relates to yoga practice. Honing of your capacity to witness and be with yourself. Development of complimentary somatic practices to deepen your sense of presence in your body and embodiment in your practice.

Key Concepts to be covered:
Proprioception, Interoception
Sensory Awareness and Tracking
Oscillation of Attention
Witness Consciousness
On moving and being moved.
Healthy Tone
End Points
Developmental Movement Patterning.

9-11:30 Yoga Practice
11:30-1 Theory
1-2 Lunch
2-6 Weaving of Somatic Practices, Theory, Discussion.

Saturday 9-6:
O T H E R : The Body as a Relational Being

An exploration of your relational capacity through the lens of emotions and healthy bonding. Learn how and why your capacity for presence is the greatest teaching and healing in the classroom. Develop fuller capacity for authentic relating.

Key Concepts to be covered:
The Emotional Body in Yoga
Attachment Theory
Object Relations Theory
The Holding Environment in Yoga

9-10:30 Theory
10:30-12 Yoga Practice
12-1 Experiential of The Emotional Body in Yoga
1-2 Lunch
2-4 Theory, discussion and practices on Attachment and Holding.

Sunday 9-4
E A C H O T H E R & S P I R I T

An exploration of our capacities to connect, build healthy communities, meet ethical challenges and interweave our collective expertise without competition.

Foundational concepts to be covered
Identifying Needs
Healthy Communication
The Circumplex Model of Family Systems

9-10:30 Yoga Practice
10:30-1 Theory, Discussion and Group Work
1-2 Lunch
2-3 Community Centered Movement Practices, Theory
3-4 Discussion, Closure.


Livia helps students and teachers of yoga grow their ranges of motion and emotion through steady asana practice, somatic education, and body centered mentor-ship/counseling. She brings essential Somatic Psychology principles and tools to the lives, practice and teaching of dedicated yoga students and instructors worldwide.

As a clear seer, Livia facilitates deeply held space for psycho-therapeutic healing and mentoring--into the places asana opens but needs more guidance. Her notoriously enthralling online programs are a call to action--educating teachers to build more nuanced psychological know-how in their classes.

Known for her sincerity, directness and humor, she often shares moving personal anecdotes that illuminate the spiritual path as deeply human and body-centric. Classes, workshops and training’s leave students empowered, ignited and pushed right up to the edges of their own becoming.

Livia holds a masters of Somatic Counseling Psychology from Naropa University in Boulder, CO. She has practiced and taught yoga for nearly two decades and her dedication to understanding the human experience is life-long. Her article Yoga-Based Body Psychotherapy is published in the International Journal of Body Psychotherapy.